Voggy’s Klangröhren

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Voggy’s Sound tubes

Fun for young and old

At nursery school, elementary school or just the next children’s party: these colorful tubes will have any group of little children cheering and playing joyfully in no time! Voggy’s sound tubes are tuned gaudy percussion instruments; each color corresponding with a note of the musical scale.

The possible applications are endless: by hitting different surfaces and objects you can produce widely varying timbres. Furthermore, you can use the sound tubes for your own choreographies, active games and dances. Basic musical facts, such as the length of a tube corresponding to the pitch produced can be experienced and learned playfully. Due to their simple playing technique, the sound tubes are perfect instruments for children without prior musical experience or movement disorders and perfectly suitable for senior’s groups, too.

  • 8 Sound tubes made from nearly indestructible and persistent plastic material (polyethylene), Length: 12“ to 25“ (63,5 cm to 30,5 cm), slender design with 1.4“ (3,5 cm) diameter, perfect for small hands, pitch range: C' to C'' (diatonic).
  • 3 songs with colored notes providing an easy start to playing the jolly sound tubes