DIGITDIGITECH GNX 3000 Guitar Workstation Gitarre und Gesang USB

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DigiTech®'s next generation amp modeling
44 amp models including direct
25 cabinet models including direct
DigiTech®'s exclusive GeNeTX™ Multi-Modeling™ technology
Single coil and humbucking pick-up modeling
57 total effects, 11 at one time
195 presets: 130 factory, 65 user
Hands-Free™ computer recording via USB
XLR and 1/4" direct stereo outputs for connecting directy to a mixer, amps and more
Included Pro Tracks Plus™ multi-track recording software
6-channels of 24-bit audio - Record 4/Playback 2
X-Edit™ Editor/Librarian for Mac and PC
Built-in drum machine with over 80 patterns
Chromatic tuner
Learn-A-Lick™ and Jam-A-Long™
7 wide-spaced foot switches (up to 10 with optional foot controller) and expression pedal
Rugged metal chassis and treadle
Power supply included
Optional GNXFC foot controller
dbx® mic preamp with phantom power
3 assignable expression pedal functions at one time

Amp Models based on* Stompbox Models based on*
'57 Fender® Tweed Champ® Ibanez® TS-9®
'57 Fender® Tweed Deluxe Arbiter® Fuzz Face™
'59 Fender® Tweed Bassman® Electro-Harmonix® Big Muff PI
'62 Fender® Brownface Bassman® Boss® DS-1*
'65 Fender® Blackface Twin Reverb® DigiTech® Grunge®
'65 Fender® Blackface Deluxe Reverb® Voodoo Labs® Sparkle Drive™
'65 Marshall® JTM-45 Guyatone® OD2*
'68 Marshall® 100 Watt Super Lead (plexi) Boss® Metal Zone*
'68 Marshall® Jump Panel Pro Co® Rat*
'77 Marshall® Master Volume DOD® Preamp/Overdrive 250*
'83 Marshall® JCM800 Roger Mayer Octavia
'93 Marshall® JCM900 Effects
'01 Marshall® JCM2000 (Solo Channel) Whammy®
'81 Mesa/Boogie® Mark II C Wah
'01 Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier™ Pick-up Modeling
'62 Vox™ AC15 Compressor
'63 Vox™ AC30 Top Boost Intelligent Pitch Shifting
'69 Hiwatt® Custom 100 DR103 Acoustic Guitar Simulator
'88 Soldano™ SLO-100 Chorus
'96 Matchless™ HC-30 Flanger
'99 Carvin® Legacy VL-100 Phaser
DigiTech® GSP2101 Artist Clean Tube Tremolo
DigiTech® GSP2101 Artist Saturated Tube Rotary Speaker
DigiTech® Spank Detune
DigiTech® Solo Noise Gate
DigiTech® Metal Analog Delay
DigiTech® Bright Clean Ping-Pong Delay
DigiTech® Chunk Triggered Flanger
DigiTech® Clean Tube Trigger Phaser
DigiTech® Crunch Talker™
DigiTech® High Gain Vibrato
DigiTech® Blues Synthtalk™
DigiTech® Fuzz Reverb (Hall, Plate, Room, Spring)
Jumbo Acoustic Unicord™ Univibe™
Dreadnaught Acoustic
'77 Ampeg® SVT
Ampeg® SVT Classic
Ampeg® B15
SWR® Basic Black
Fender® Dual Showman®
Ashdown ABM-C410H
Trace-Elliot™ t Commando
Sunn™ 200S
Mesa/Boogie® Bass 400+

Hartke® Model 2000